Aspen Meadows Resort Staff Picks

Discover the top Aspen attractions and the most exciting local events in our monthly Staff Picks blog, where we’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to get the most of your Colorado getaway.

  • santa_sleigh

    Celebrate the 12 Days of Aspen

    There’s nothing quite like the 12 Days of Aspen. From December 20-31, 2018, the holiday spirit takes over downtown Aspen and fills the city with ice skating, Christmas caroling, live concerts, and a spectacular fireworks display over Aspen Mountain to close out the year. Here’s a list of our favorite ways to celebrate each of the 12 Days of Aspen.

    December 20 | "bayer & bauhaus: how design shaped aspen" Exhibit Grand Opening & Holiday Cookie Exchange | Wheeler/Stallard Museum

    December 21 | Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol | Wheeler Opera House

    December 22 | Aspen Skating Club Holiday Exhibition | Base Village Ice Arena,


    December 23 | Aspen Laugh Festival Presents Melissa Villasenor | Wheeler Opera House

    December 24 | The Heart of Christmas | Aspen Chapel

    December 25 | The Fab Four: The Ultimate Tribute | Wheeler Opera House

    December 26 | ACES Après: Holiday Open House | ACES at Hallam Lake

    December 27 | Third Eye Blind | Belly Up Aspen

    December 28 | Aspen Film 27th Annual Academy Screenings| Paepcke Auditorium

    December 29 | Acrobats of Cirque-tacular | Wheeler Opera House

    December 30 | Justice | Belly Up Aspen

    December 31 | Free Bonfire, DJ, and Fireworks Over Aspen Mountain | Wagner Park


  • ski_aspen

    Gearing up for Ski Season in Aspen

    Aspen is known for having some of the best ski slopes in all of the United States. But the last thing you want to happen while you're cruising down the slopes and soaking up the sun, snow, and smooth paths is to be slowed down by bad gear and ill preparation. So, we’ve compiled a how-to guide to help you gear up for the ski season.

    1. Check the weather. App or online, wherever or however you check the day's forecast, make sure you that you do check the weather before you head out. It’ll mean the difference between packing light gear or heavy gear, skiing, or skipping the slopes for the day.

    2. Speaking of gear, pack right, not necessarily light. InAspen, layers are your best friend. Leggings and long-sleeved tees, fleece pants and sweatshirts, snow pants, socks, hats gloves, and scarves are all ski essentials. Don't forget about sunscreen and UV protective wear. After all, we are known for our 300+ days of sunshine a year!

    3. Choose your slopes strategically. Do a little research beforehand. Make sure that you understand the level of difficulty of the slopes you decide to tackle. The slopes in Aspen range from beginner to advanced levels.

  • independence pass colorado

    Traveling Through the Independence Pass

    There’s no better time to drive through Colorado’s Independence Pass than in Autumn. Open from the Wednesday before Memorial Day, until the first big snow in November, Independence Pass is perfect for leaf peepers and site-seekers.

    The Independence Pass is not only a shorter and more scenic way to get to Aspen from places like Denver than via I-70 to Highway 82, but it is also the highest paved pass in all of North America.

    Many gems lie along the way of Independence Pass, including designated spots for you to pull over and take in the view. And the very top of Independence Pass is a spot worth stopping at for a photo op.

    If you’d like to stretch your legs and get out in the fresh fall air, try one of Independence Pass’s many hiking trails. Trails to explore include Grottos Trail (and its ice caves), Braille Trail, and Weller Lake Trail.

    Let the Independence Pass guide you through one of the most spectacular drives in all of the United States!

    Please be aware that only vehicles under 35 ft. long are allowed on the Independence Pass.

  • Ghost town in Colorado

    Journey into a Ghost Town

    Once a popular site to mine precious metals, the town of Ashcroft has long been abandoned for more silver pastures, but remnants of the once-booming destination still remain.

    On a tour of this authentic ghost town, you’ll explore the fantastically preserved remains of several historic buildings, such as the Blue Mirror Saloon, the View Hotel, and a post office, built between 1880 and 1885. These buildings once promised a profitable future, but today, they serve as a cautionary reminder of the consequences of greed.

    As quickly as Ashcroft boomed (the streets had been laid out in only two weeks), it collapsed. The mines, which once turned out 14,000 ounces of silver per ton, turned out to be shallow deposits. By the end of 1885, the mines were depleted and only 100 of Ashcroft’s previous 2,000 residents remained.

    Now, the empty town is a breathtaking site for adventure, nestled among alpine meadows and Colorado scenery. Experience a unique piece of our past at this National Register Historic Site, located at the headwaters of Castle Creek just twelve miles from Aspen Meadows Resort.