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Green Landscape

Green Initiatives

Aspen Meadows Resort is in continuous pursuit to minimize its ecological footprint wherever possible. Below are a few steps we have taken to become a more environmentally friendly property. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve please let us know.

Food & Beverage Waste

Conserve first. Optimize last.

Keeping food waste out of our landfills is one of our most important efforts to minimize our impact on the climate. This is because food that ends up in landfills emits methane (a very potent greenhouse gas). As a result, we strive to create zero waste when it comes to the food we source and serve.

  • Reduce Waste:Our culinary team has implemented new practices for large-scale events that minimize waste by up to 30% by suggesting fewer options to guests during the planning stage, and making precise orders that ensure the proper amount of food is being prepared for each event.
  • Composting:Food that goes to compost to become soil actually ends up being a major carbon sink! This is why we make sure to compost as much of our organic waste, paper and single use items as we can through Aspen SCRAPS City composting program.
  • Local Sourcing: The closer the farm, brewery or distillery to our Resort, the less resources wasted in transporting your delicious food and drinks to our property. This is why we source our ingredients from local businesses like Woody Creek Distillery, Farm Runners and our very own herb garden whenever possible.
  • Re-Usable Water Bottles:We recently switched from plastic water bottles in rooms to Nordaq re-fillable glass bottles filled with locally-sourced Aspen tap water, which reduces our dependency on single-use plastic. Our locally-filtered system retains natural minerals while removing impurities. It also reduces carbon by cutting out frequent transport.


Man-power the best, electric the next.

According to a 2018 EPA report, 29% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Aspen Meadows Resort has taken multiple steps to curb our transportation emissions.

  • Endera Shuttles:We are converting our town shuttles from standard gas guzzlers to fully electric models. This is projected to offset an estimated 21 metric tons of carbon per year, which is almost enough to fill a balloon the size of two football fields in diameter!
  • EV Charging Stations:The property now offers two different electric vehicle charging stations to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, which when combined with renewable energy, are an amazing way to reduce emissions!
  • We-Cycle Stations and Bike Rentals:There are three different We-Cycle bike stations located across the Aspen Meadows property. Hotel guests are additionally welcome to use our own bike fleet around Aspen at no cost.
  • Ride-share Incentives and Bus Passes:Our employees are rewarded monthly for carpooling. RFTA bus passes are provided at a discounted rate to encourage public transit use.


Extremely efficient and renewable

  • Renewables:Rest assured knowing that the energy you use while on property is from renewable sources, thanks to Holy Cross’s Electric’s renewable energy purchasing option.
  • Doerr-Hosier Building: Our newest building on property meets the rigorous standards to be named LEED Gold Certified.
  • LED Lighting:According to ENERGY STAR, LED lights use only 20-30% of the energy that a traditional bulb uses, so we switched over to LED’s to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Geothermal Ponds:Two of our buildings, Paepke and Koch, are heated and cooled using state-of-the art geothermal ponds. In other words, we power meetings with Earth-based energy!
  • Smart HVAC:Our buildings use a mix of high tech systems that are designed to maximize heat recovery and ambient outdoor cooling to reduce energy use whenever possible.


Our most finite, precious resource

Water is the lifeblood of our world and unfortunately, it is not an infinite resource. In fact, one third of the World’s largest aquifers are now water-stressed. This is why businesses and individuals must do our part in making sure this precious resource is not wasted. Being a large hotel property serving thousands of guests, we realize how much water we use and continue to take steps to reduce this amount.

  • Runoff Irrigation:We irrigate our property by collecting runoff in retention ponds, which then goes right back into the groundwater where it belongs.
  • Save Water, Free Drinks:We recently implemented a program that rewards guests who forego housekeeping service in their rooms during their stay with two free drinks from PLATO’s to help cut down on water use.
  • High-Efficiency Appliances:All facilities on property are equipped with no-flush urinals, low-flush toilets and motion censored sinks, dramatically enabling us to cut down on water use.

Ecosystem Services

Preserving humanity's most efficient, innovative technologies

Have you ever thought about how much value a single tree, flower, critter or stream brings to your community? Our beautiful 40 acre property is not only aesthetically draw-dropping, but it’s also a water purifying, carbon capturing, people-healing powerhouse. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Trees Are Incredible:The countless old-growth trees we have on property provide a host of benefits to our community, including carbon sequestration, energy conservation through shade, improving soil retention and health, water filtration, helping heal your body and mind and the list goes on! 
  • Nature’s Artists:Don’t be surprised if you see black bear, moose, elk, white-tail deer, and coyote roaming around and balancing out the surrounding ecosystems. These furry friends are the true artists of our beautiful natural landscape through their active pollination and consumption efforts.