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Meeting Planner Guide

Aspen Meeting Planning

For almost 30 years, the Dolce name has been synonymous with "successful meetings" as our company has been built upon a commitment to excellence in servicing our clients every step of the way. Utilizing our vast knowledge and resources, this meeting planner guide is sure to become an important tool that will provide you with insightful information to plan your meetings. Whether you are in the initial stages of property selection, or immersed in the step-by-step details of execution, this will become a valuable reference guide that you will want keep handy for use every day.


Budgeting wisely for your meeting will allow you to be more accountable for the overall success of the meeting.

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Request For Proposal Process

After the preliminary research is complete, create a request for proposal (RFP). This allows a property to see, in writing, the information about your group.

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Site Selection

What factor is most important in picking a venue for your meeting? Availability? Price? Location? Quality of service?

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Managing Housing

One of the most important jobs planners are responsible for is managing the room block.

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Event Registration - Part 1

Whether an event will have 25 or 15,000 attendees, meeting planners are responsible for registering them.

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Event Registration - Part 2

Event Registration process continued.

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Selecting/Working With Speakers - Part 1

For many meetings, the extent to which speakers convey the envisioned message might be the single biggest determinant in whether the meeting is judged a success or failure.

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Selecting/Working With Speakers - Part 2

Selecting/working with speakers continued.

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Meeting Room Setup - Part 1

The configuration of a meeting room has a direct bearing on a meeting’s effectiveness.  The ideal room setup can help achieve each session’s objectives. 

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Meeting Room Setup - Part 2

Meeting Room Setup continued.

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Food And Beverage

For guests, one of the key factors of a successful meeting is the food and beverage component.

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Depending on the event, the technology/Audiovisual service will contribute a large part to the meetings success.

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Pre- And Post-Conferences

Pre- and post-conference meetings with your staff, the facility and other vendors help to ensure a successful meeting and future successful meetings.

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